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Oh glob

moar proety

The waves embrace a sudden death
Crashing, turning tides against the earth
To be a form of energy
Channeled, funneled rides for gravity
The moon they say it calls to me
And you, the same it is for all mankind
Perhaps it was not made to be
But is, and was, so I believe
Perhaps Hawaiians have it right
To say aloha: hello, goodbye

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how about i write poetry instead

The distance, fading—
Growing shorter—
Hazy sunsets, looming over
Falling prey to eyelid trembling,
Sleep does not befit the weary.

Those fingers, shaking—
Breaking mortar—
Laziness does not become her
Working days for nightly humbling,
Deep the prayer is unto Mary.

"These blessings," asking—
Stumbling, “Lord, er—
Crazy though I think my lover
Wanting ways to…” slightly mumbling,
"Keep it going?" is the query.

The answer, making—
Taking border—
Resolute in firm conviction
Breaks the mold, becomes another
Jumps the plane in all directions
Leaves the past and future speechless
And in that moment 
A finite second
Horizons of the sky and earth—
A brilliant flare of sweet departure—
Embrace for all eternity.

i really don’t have anyone to talk to

so i kinda just don’t have serious conversations

and when i do i don’t know what to say or how to say it

so serious conversations turn into me just like looking off in the distance for no reason like i’m not paying attention

and i’m aware that i’m not paying attention, but i am 

and i’m just not good at emotions or


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i thought the joke would get old and repetitive one minute in but no the entire fuckin thing is gold


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Destiny - Venus

Where I’m at right now

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every time someone says the word “spoopy” in pokémon episode 170 - A Better Pill to Swallow



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